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Im Ju Ri





Graduated from Sungshin Women's University, Graduate School of Arts, Department of Sculpture


2015 The 5th Solo Exhibition ‘La Petite Foret’(Seongbuk Museum Of Art)

2012 The 4th Solo Exhibition 'A fine freenzy'(Insa Art Center/Insa-dong) 

2009 The 3rd Solo Exhibition 'Hello, stranger'(Pyo Gallery/Chungdam-dong)

2007 The 2nd Solo Exhibition 'I'm waiting for you'(Pyo Gallery/Hannam-dong)

2007 The 1st Solo Exhibition 'Lonely but copious life of Ms.Jul'(Gana Art Space/Insa-dong)





2012 Taiwan Art Fair, Art Revolution Taipei (Art brunch/Taiwan)

       The 4th Art Road 77 Art Fair (with Artist Galley/Heyri)

       Art Show Pusan 2012 (Art brunch/BEXCO)

2011 AHAF Seoul 2011-Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (Geumsan Galley/Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel)

       The 3rd Heyri Art Road 77 (Geumsan Galley/Heyri)

2010 SH Asia Contemporary Art Fair (FQ Projects/Shanghai)

       Look, My Face (FQ Projects/Shanghai)

       Sensibility of communication 'Internalle' (Sunggok Museum/Gwanghwamoon)

       Artificial Scene (Songpa District Office Gallery/Songpa)

       Art Lounge Dibang (Dibang/Pyoungchang-dong)

       Mother Moon in Yelrim Project (Mother Moon/Hongik University)

2009 Happy Imagination Project (Aramnuri Aram Museum/Ilsan)

       The 36th Sungshin Sculpture (Sungshin Women's University Gallery/Sungshin)

       18 Masterpieces (The Classic Golf Club/Cheju)

       Sculptor Artist Geumho Art Foundation (Keuring/Samsung)

       Green Cake Shinsegye Art Fair (Shinsegye Gallery/Chungmooro)

       Mapping hideouts 'Migration to Uijeongbu' (Culture Salon/Uijeongbu)

       Bloom in Color (Shinsegye Gallery/Chungmooro)

2008 Ssamzie LOVE LOVE exhibition (ssamzie gallery/insa)

       'A flower' exhibition (choonjung gak gallery/choonjung)

2007  KIAF korea international art fair (coxe/samsung)

        The 3st beijing art fair (china international exhibition/beijing)

        Asia rising young novelist project (lee&park gallery/heyri)

        Heyri street art festval (heyri)

        Ssamzie 'art&furniture' exhibition (ssamzie gallery/insa)

        2030 exhibition (baum gallery/insa)

        FIRST DRAWER 'flower&furniture' (entoco gallery/heyri)

        4EVA-TIST 'MIX' exhibition  (miel cafe gallery /cheongdam) (art space/busa)

2006  The 14th honggik street art exhibition 'interview' (honggik street/seokyo)

        Goyang sculpture association 'border' (culture space/ilsan)

        Seongnam, tancheon festival (uldong park/seongnam)

        Clinamen exhibition (han gallery/insa)

        1Airborne unit exhibition (1airborne unit/kimpo)

        Spread your wings (keumsan gallery/heyri)

2005  Goyang sculpture association 'veryical section and crossing'

        (ilsan culture space/ilsan)

        Awoollim and mannam(hall sanctuary of art/daejeon)

        Dream vision exhibition (noahm gallery/insa)

        Flower exhibition(lotte shopping center/ilsan)

        World of light expo/light formative art exhibition

        (beckseuk special exhibition hall/goyang)

2004  Gwangju biennale 'a grain of dust a drop of water'(gwangju biennale/gwangju)













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